Trying to pin down one day in my design life is not straight forward…

I guess that’s what makes being a graphic designer so interesting – it’s not an orderly, predictable existence. One day is never like the next. I’m always learning…  Communicating, planning, outsourcing, networking and even sometimes designing!!

I manage a twisty "A road" (I prefer to get off the motorways!) of information, keeping projects moving forward incrementally – asking and answering questions, putting resources in place, getting it all done and doing my very best to keep my clients happy.

First thing in the morning I ensure the boys are off to school. The older one goes early and the younger one has a short walk to school, often I choose to extend this, so I know what the weather is like outside and that birds are still tweeting! 

First action work wise to do in the morning is check my email – it's my in-tray! This is combined with a coffee... (A doughnut too on a treat day!)

Following up on any of these emails with phone calls or replies to ensure all projects are moving towards the deadlines.

On any given day, I will work on a variety of projects, I have worked on designs that feature urinals, then moved on to weddings dresses in the same day! At the core of everything I do is appropriate design that answers the brief… So to get inside and understanding your customers needs is important to me - focussing on what you are working towards is of prime importance when your customers range from Bra retailers to a door manufacturer - both feature knockers, but of a very different kind ;-)

Work can range from branded exhibition boards for a trade show and brochures and leaflets to go with that too. Ensuring all items are ready on time for the truck that is waiting to take it all to the exhibition hall.

Working on signage and vehicle livery designs can be a regular feature when working closely with sign companies.

A typical day can involve choices from 1000’s of fonts and pondering subtle changes of colour and its effect on a design… And getting a layout to “flow”.

Late afternoon, my home office becomes more of a home as the boys come in from school… I do try to keep a semblance of work/life balance, but it can be hard for me to stop because my design mind keeps ticking over and I think about your design/creative projects a LOT and you can never be sure where some of my inspiration comes from.

To escape from all this madness I will take my motorcycle on a twisty "A road" and clear my mind, as riding a bike is such a brain consuming activity there's not much room for any other thoughts - a bit like doing creative design but that's a subject for another day…

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