I am a very keen motorcyclist and motorcycle-racing fan and I have found a great way to combine my interest in all things bike related with my graphic design skills.

Liam Delves is a young, aspiring motorcycle racer. After a few very successful years in club racing, Liam was making the big step up to a National UK racing series, the Motostar championship which is a support series to the British Super Bikes. J Connor Signs was helping Liam with some colour prints and signage such as pop-up promotional banners and I started getting involved by doing some artwork for him.

Liam in 2014 - 


Liam did not have a consistent brand. I chatted to him about it and we looked at other motorcycle riders, particularly MotoGP riders and the graphics that inspired him. I asked Liam to sketch what he had in mind for his ‘logo’. Liam’s rough draft was the catalyst for his new, dynamic brand. I just needed to find the right font to suit a young motorcycle racer. I didn't have to look far. I had a clear idea of the style of the one I wanted.

Liam’s colour scheme was set as blue and yellow. The first concept was spot-on. Liam loved it straight away — sometimes you can do that with a design, you just get it right first time! 

So Liam's eye-catching brand moved from a very young cartoon style to a mature, strong and confident name style! His race number for his bike is included in the graphic, which now appears on T-shirts, posters and pop-up banners.

At the start of the 2016 season, we upped our game. The bottom of the bike’s fairing was covered with a ‘wrap’ promoting Liam’s strong association with all of his sponsors. We updated all of his promotional material and even have a sponsored/branded gazebo.

This season, Liam has finished 7th and 8th in his first two races. I am lucky enough to be invited to the pits on race days and be part of a race team!

You too could be part of Liam’s success. Sponsorship opportunities are available, so if you fancy getting involved, please get in touch with me. It’s a great feeling seeing your name on the side of a race bike!

Photo courtesy of Raceline Images

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