“Don’t try to manufacture a place in the world. Don’t obsess about the competition and differentiating from them. Instead, as with all good design, start with the question ‘why?’. Why do we exist? Why would anybody need us? Why is what we do useful? Why would people pay (in time or money or whatever) for it? Why is it valuable (in all the senses of that word)? In other words, define a sense of purpose – the difference you want to make, socially and commercially.”

These words are from and article by Wolff Olins CEO Karl Heiselman and Head of New Thinking Robert Jones.

My purpose?

I want to make a real difference to customers branding... 


I hate to see bad font choices... Inconsistent or inappropriate colours... Lack of thought and therefore credibility... (that’s just 3 for a start!)

The purpose does not need to be grandisose,
it can be as simple as why am I doing this leaflet!

 If you would like talk more about my purpose, call me...

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