I have collaborated with Marketing2Win since 2011, working on a variety of branding projects. However, one project presented a new challenge.

Maximus Handling Systems Ltd. wanted to present a static workbench in a dynamic and innovative way. We conceived a simple concept of an animation featuring explanatory words and photos of the product.

The range of GBP Ergonomic Workbenches starts with a simple format, which, with the addition of relevant accessories, can be developed into complex workstations. We wanted to show the progression of this simple modular system with a short 90-second video. 

Photographs were commissioned to show the workbench in its various stages of development and a storyboard was created to plan out the flow of the video. By carefully incorporating photos and hand-drawn graphics, we were able to enhance the industrial use of the product.

The final version of the video successfully showed a simple product with its many variations. Because of the extensive range of accessories, a further two short videos were required to show how adaptable the GBP Ergonomic Workbenches really can be. These short videos now feature on the client’s website, feature in their email marketing and are used by the company’s distribution network.

James Williams, proprietor of Marketing2win commented, “Steve had a clear idea of how to best present the workbenches to maximise the viewer's interest and to highlight the features and benefits of the workbenches.”

A great project, a new challenge... a simple solution.

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