Tracy Reck has been running her business for over 4 years, offering Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and workshops specialising in coaching individuals so that they feel amazing about themselves. 

Over time her company has evolved and moved direction from where she started as a straight forward outdoor personal trainer. Tracy made a decision to move the branding and rename it ‘Exuberant!’, so it is in line with this new direction and to help move further into new markets. 

I met with Tracy, firstly to discuss and understand her and the business values. I listened carefully, this information helped me to create specific design ideas and concepts that were appropriate for Tracy and Exuberant! 

The design brief was to move the branding away from the original ideas of natural colours and outdoor Personal Training to a more lively, active and caring image. We worked closely together on the final refinements of the concepts making subtle tweaks and adding intensely personal elements that finished off the Exuberant brand. 

Tracy really enjoyed the whole design process and journey with Steve, prompting her to say “The brand that Steve designed is a perfect fit for my business. It manages to encapsulate what it is that makes me proud of and love what I do, and I'm excited to share it with the world.” 

You may have noticed a dog featuring in the design, it is not just a random dog illustration. This is “Buzz”. He is one of Tracy’s and her partners two rescue dogs. He appears in quite a few of Tracys social media posts like this one on twitter. He quite a part of the team. He has a unique zest for life, so fits in well with the “Exuberant!” brand! Watch Tracy and her “furry training partner!”

Does your company branding need a refresh? Are you just starting out and need that confident look? It would great to have the opportunity to find out more about your business and to explore the possibilities of how I can help you, as I have helped Tracy and the Exuberant! brand. To find out more, please contact me...

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