Does your Visual Branding reflect your Values, Objectives and Vision?

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What is a Branding Health Check?

The aim of a Branding Health Check is to establish if your Branding displays Clarity, Consistency, Credibility and Confidence. Does your visual identity reflect your values, objectives and vision... Is your promotional material doing its job... attracting potential customers?

Together, we can give your visual identity a clean bill of health or highlight areas that may require further consideration. We can meet at your work place or at a convenient, off-site venue. Bring along as much of your marketing material that features your company logo, branding, or indeed, anything that is seen by customers, or staff, that visually represents your company.

Can you invest an hour and a half of your time; at no charge to you, to meet with Steve Pitt, a graphic designer who understands the value of a powerful branding and how to make your business stand out in a crowd?

Why the Four C's?

There is more to a good branding  than just these four simple areas, but they are a very good starting point...

CLARITY - makes it easy for customers to buy
CONSISTENCY - establishes trust in your brand
CREDIBILITY - engages cautious new customers
CONFIDENCE - engenders a feeling of security in your business or service

So... DO U C?

A respected brand can take some time to become established and can be undermined very easliy by poor design. With a weak or inappropriate visual branding, your brand will never differentiate itself from competitors or reach its full potential. You owe it to yourself and your business to look your best, to reassure your customers and attract new ones.

You can afford 90 minutes, if only to confirm that your branding and visual presentation ticks all the boxes. On the other hand, it might be the best business investment you will ever make. Complete the contact form and we will call you back or call Steve Pitt today on 01562 710 218.

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